The smell of Spring is in the Air, or is that Jita Burning?

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   Since our last update, Enlightened Industries has redeployed back to our home systems in Deklein.  While the Russians have struggled to hold the gains achieved in the south during the last war, the CFC has returned to squad-based activities.  When all the dust had settled on the Halloween War and the numbers for fleet participation were compiled, ENL-I had such strong participation that we achieved stakeholder status within GSF.  Even with the redeployment home, ENL-I continues to provide strong numbers, being recognized at the top corporation in bomber operations for the last month and the third highest in total kills for March behind the larger GoonWaffe and WIDOT. 

   Our industrial arm has not been idle since we returned.  Based on Dev blogs for the summer expansion, plans are being put in place to upgrade stations to maximize refining.  Mining is already underway to support the production of these upgrades.  In addition, a large block of BPOs were purchased and have been made available for our members use.  The carrier subsidy program continues with a couple more archons being provided to members. 

   Stay tuned for the next update for news regarding Enlightened Academy.  We have closed recruitment and the public channel for right now, while we consider what to do with the academy.

   Lastly, Enlightened Infantries, our Dust514 arm, continues as part of the SPERG Alliance.  They are currently seeking new members, especially from EU time zones.  Skill book grants are available for new members, and bonus money is rumored to be had for the most active members. 

   Recruitment is currently open for ENL-I.  Join our public channels at “ENL-I” and read the MOTD for further details on recruitment requirements.



Enlightened Industries goes Camping – CFC Style

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   What better thing to do while sitting in a Hell Camp in 0-W778 than to finally write the long overdue update from Enlightened Industries.    Things have been continuing at a brisk pace for the corporation with much of it being in support of the Halloween War in the South.  As most folks know, two major capital battles occurred in the South during late January.  Enlightened Industries provided titan, supercap, cap and subcap support to the battle in HED-GP on the 19th of January and again in B-R5RB on the 28th of January.  The B-R5RB battle resulted in a major shift in power, forced our opponents to retreat and opened up the South for the Russians.  With the Halloween War wrapping up, CFC decided to pursue further action against N3.  Following the Coalition update on the 15th of February, CFC has moved into a Hell Camp of the N3 Station in 0-W778.  ENL-I remains an active part of CFC operation placing once again second only to Goonwaffe in total kills for December. 

   While the industrial side of the Corporation has focused mostly on supporting the war in the South, they did successfully deploy our second station in UJY-HE right before the first of the year, providing another base of operations in Deklein.  The Industrial side continues to support our archon subsidy program to get more members into carriers and a number of our members are producing Naglfar dreads.

   Enlightened Academy continues training new PvP pilots.  Recruitment is open for all those who want to learn about nullsec and PvP.  Graduation requirements and training plans have been updated, better preparing new graduates for Goonswarm Federation doctrine and skill requirements.  In an effort to increase PvP opportunities, ENL-A joined “It is hard being this sexy” Alliance on February 11th.

   Recruitment is always open for both ENL-I and ENL-A.  Join our public channels at either “ENL-I” or “ENL-A” and read the MOTD for further details on recruitment requirements. 


Happy Holidays from the Trolls at Enlightened Industries

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   Happy holidays and here is another monthly update, from the folks at Enlightened Industries.  The war in the South continues to ramp up with more and more capital engagements occurring.  What started out as a few squads deployed to the South has now escalated to a full commitment to obtain kill mails and explode as many ships as we can.  Enlightened Industries continue to be the second most active PvP Corporation in Goonswarm behind only the larger GoonWaffe.  We finished out November with over 3400 kills, nearly double the October numbers. 

   The Corporation participated in “Movember” again this year.  For those of you not familiar with this program, you can find details all over the internet.  Congratulation to Trooper Thorn, our winner of the Movember contest.  He won 1.3B isk for his failure to remove unsightly hair from his upper lip. 

   The Industrial side has shifted into a lower gear as more of our folks moved South for the winter.  Before they downshifted, they did get the new jump bridge up and running providing a second link across what had been a choke point.  The second station we are building is still on track and should be fielded sometime in the near future.  Fund raising and mining ops have been mostly completed and soon ENL-I will have a second station to call home. 

   Enlightened Academy is still pushing forward in their mission to train new PvP pilots.  Recruitment is open for all those who want to learn about null and PvP.  Graduation requirements and training plans are being reworked at this time to better integrate new graduates into Goonswarm Federation doctrine and skill requirements. 

  Finally in an effort to keep our fingers in everyone’s pies, Enlightened Infantries (ENL-D), has been created.  ENL-D is open to all ENL-I/ENL-A members and those who receive vouches from current members. There is no SP requirement, and voice comms are only required for “serious military business”. The aim is to build from the ground up socially, militarily, and financially a place where members of the ENL-I community can have fun and make an impact in DUST.


Winter is Coming

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It has been a mixed month since the last update.  Overall, things have been relatively quiet in Null-sec as we move into the winter months which is typical.  The only real hot spot has been in the South where the Russian and N3 Collation have been fighting.  Most major Alliances have jumped on board with one side or the other in an attempt to provide content to their members, and CFC is no exception.  Numerous ENL-I members are deployed with the various CFC squadrons in the south, participating in some large scale fleet battles.

While it may have been a slow month, some folks racked up some impressive kill totals.  Overall ENL-I scored over 1800 kills in in October, Lord Vandurock topped the kill board with 276 kills, winning 300 million ISK for his efforts.  Strebor Solette,  Zkygge, Tagglebops and Amenio came in second through fifth respectively and won a few hundred million ISK for their efforts as well.

Planning for the ENL-I/ENL-A Christmas party is underway.   These are the kind of parties that often scar members for life.  In past years we have had Dreadnought give aways for worst karaoke efforts and most creative use of magic markers on body parts..  Certainly something to look forward to every year!

While the PvP side of things may have been slow lately, the Industrial side of the corporation has not slowed down.  They continue to improve our newest homeland, recently announcing that they would be installing a new jump bridge and constructing a second station.  The skill requirements for participation in the Carrier Subsidy program were recently clarified and they continue to support getting more of our members into these shiny ships.

Enlightened Academy continues to grow.  Eve Who shows ENL-A as the 5th largest independent corporation in Eve with 324 members.  ENL-A trains members on life in Null-sec , PvP, Sov warfare, and fleet  command.  Everyday multiple roams go out from their deployment location to low-sec and null-sec to continue the legacy of destruction and mass whelpings.

As a reminder, recruitment for both ENL-I and ENL-A is open.  If interested join our public channels at “ENL-I” or “ENL-A” for more information.


About time this got updated or No we did not disband

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Thanks for taking the time to look at Enlightened Industries/Academy.  Lovelocke has tagged out on providing the updates for a while, so I have offered to fill in for a short time.  With that said, lets dive on in with what the hell has been going on.

-          Our integration into Goonswarm Federation and CFC is pretty much complete at this point and went very smoothly.  The culture and attitude has proven to be a good fit and we are now fully infiltrated involved in all the various squads and SIGs.  As a crowning point of our shift to CFC, our industrial side, after months of effort, dedicated a freshly built station in ZZZR-5.

-          A large portion of our membership has been deployed in the south with a few of the CFC squads.  Shortly after our arrival, TEST, who we were sharing a station with, decided that it was time to pull up stakes and try faction warfare.  Wonder if it was something we said?

-          On the Indy side, with the station project behind them, they have found a new home, gotten all the parts put back together and are now settling into a routine with regular mining ops and some new programs to support the membership.

-          We had a great month of PvP in September ending up with the second highest kill total in GSF, not bad for the third largest corporation in GSF (and one with “industries” in its name).  October is looking almost as good with ENL-I currently in third place.  TEST come back south, was it something we said?  Maybe we are spending too much time admiring the new station.

-          This month has also seen a number of joint PvP tournaments for ENL-I and ENL-A.  In mid-October we had the 2V2 tournament pairing an industry and academy player.  Coming up soon is our 5V5 tournament which should prove to be just as much fun.

-          Our first group of folks, mostly from the academy, but with a few industry folks, continues to work their way through our FC boot camp program.  This has led to a number of interesting roams in the syndicate region with varying results.

-          On a final note, we have reinstituted a carrier reward program for our ENL-I folks to help get more folks into these ships.