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CEO: Alessadra & Ghostbehr (Industrial)

Directors:  Michael Foreman – Dmitri Blackknight – Burlinton

Managers: Cataire – DaveTheGreat – kooter poker – Logan Ryder

Public Channel: ENL-I

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Enlightened Industries is a fun and friendly corporation which more than anything is a community for you to make friends with and feel like you’re contributing to something, and helping something to grow. Our management is both capable and forward thinking and this means we are completely self-sufficient and do not rely on anybody else to keep the corp stable. We have a vision, we have goals and we’re constantly working towards achieving those goals.

Although we began as an industrial corp the very of nature EvE itself dictated that we had to adapt and change. EvE is a combat orientated game and as such we have grown to become more combat capable.   Our members have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities including mining, production, exploration, small gang operations and large fleet operations.

We are a member of Goonswarm Federation alliance.

We are a truly all-round corp and can offer:

PvP (corp roams (bc/hac/bomber/battlebadger), alliance roams, coalition blobs, supercapital hunts, sov warfare)
PvE (corp mining ops, ratting, plexing)
Industry (production, ore buyback, salvage buyback)
Logistics (carriers+jump freighter+rorqual+orcas)
Exploration (wormhole raids, suicide runs deep in enemy territory)

And this is what we can offer you:

- Fun and friendly environment which is well organised but also laid back.
– 0.0 warfare. Logistics, caps, supercaps, 1000+ blobs, even lowsec roams and gate camps, we can offer it all.
– POS access for research, invention, copying etc.
– Plenty of PvE action and people to fleet with.
– Regular mining ops and access to 0.0 ore.
– JC access.
– Generous SRP.
– Generous ORE/Salvage buyback scheme.
– Mumble, Killboard, etc

For those of you who want to mine we can offer you ABC ores and a generous corp ore buyback scheme. We also do corp mining ops. We have corp industrial projects, such as cap production, so not only can you be a part of that but once you’re ready for a capital ship we can offer you one at a greatly reduced cost.

ENL-I is above all a community and as such everyone helps each other and works on helping the corp to grow. We’re a friendly bunch and go out of our way in helping others. We offer you not just PvP, PvE etc but something that you can be a part of and help to grow. We have plenty of management positions available for you to really make your mark.


- 5mil SP (Exceptions can be made).
– Willing to PvP or contribute back to the Corp.
 - Mature and responsible attitude.
– A general “want” to being a part of a community.
– Able to use Mumble.
– Be in our public channel ENL-I to discuss your application.

Feel free to join our public channel ENL-I and speak to a recruitment officer.


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